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Imperfect is a 288 pages long, hard covered, measures 17 x 23,5 cm and is printed in full color all the way through. It comes in a box with a map that measures 90 x 64 cm.

If you order Imperfect we’ll have it delivered to you in a beautiful package ornamented with the prettiest stamps Finland has to offer.


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Product Description

Imperfect is a 288 page book that comes in a box with a map and a set of user instructions to help you understand how to proceed. All of this will without a shadow of doubt be worth your while.

The book itself is a travel diary from a journey across the American continent. It it as beautiful a book as it is distinct. The way Imperfect came to be differed from that of and ordinary book in both form as well as in method.

Our small book is a collection of postcards sent from the road, written while traveling, without knowledge over which pages would make back to Finland, what would happen next and without the ability to make any corrections.

Imperfect was born spontaneously and then carefully given a fitting form. It is a book that will not disappoint you!